Monday, January 28, 2013

day 8 pre spring challange
Day 7 of the spring nail challange

Saturday, January 26, 2013

polish rack collection

I wanted to share some of my nail polish collection with you all, as any polish attic we all want to share this, so my husband made me a nail rack about a month ago and i love it. it makes it so much easier to grab a polish i want, sadly it doesn't hold all of my polish. so i wanted to at least share this rack and the polishes on it with you.
first row, shopora, 18k gold. top coat zoya- melinda its a very pretty purple zoya - auralia its a pearl white zoya- twila its a glitter blue polish zoya- phoebe is a matt blue polish zoya-maisie is a hologrpic chunk polish very pretty orly- silverthril number 323 its a shinny gray color orly- it's up to you blue lovely color looks metallic orly- snowcone , a pastel blue orly- pixy stick, a pink coral color orly- elizabeth a matte purple orly- ginger lilly a shimmer red color orly- love each other a top coat with shimmer 10- 409 starlite a pearl white color 10- 439 chocolate kiss a dark brown with glitter in it 10- 447 bewitched a vibrant red color 10- 463 old hollywood a light brown glitter nail savvy- mermaid a teal nail polish with blue glitter in it nail savvy- french ballet pink a sheer pink color second row revlon nail break- up - one side is teal shimmer and the other is a dark blue crakel revlon nail break-up- one side grey shimmer with silver other side orange crakel Nicole by opi -its all about the glam- a white with shimmer opi- austin-tatious turquoise wonderful turquoise color changes to a purple in the light opi- grape... set... march... purple with glitter in it opi- blue shatter opi-la pazitvely hot matte is a pink matte color very nice opi- gone gonzo! glitter polish blue and silver chunks of glitter opi- serving up sparkly, its a top coat with holographic glitter in it. wonderful polish opi- warm and fozzie brown glitter polish, opi- looks marvelous a grey with blue and silver glitter opi- number one nemesis a greay with gold highlights china glaze -bizzar purple china glaze- glitter goblin china glaze- golish glow china glaze- roguish red spoiled- so35 pirate's booty sinful- greenland 208 row 3 sally hansen- crystal beading sally hansen- tender teal sally hansen- honey moon red sally hansen- save the date sally hansen- thirst of lime sally hansen hd - lazer sally hansen hd - lite spoiled- mind your own bees wax spoiled- visually slimming spoiled- paying with platinum spoiled- show me the money spoiled- distant memory spoiled- club rat spoiled- black mamba spoiled - the parking meteor expired spoiled- iam so jaded spoiled - glitter green so41 show me the money spoiled - hit the breaks row 4 kleancolor- holo blue kleancolor - starry blue kleancolor - sapphire kleancolor -neon sapphire kleancolor- neon aqua kleancolor - chunky holo blue kleancolor - teal marble kleancolor - metallic aqua kleancolor- ocean wave kleancolor - green with envy kleancolor -metallic green kleancolor - melon green kleancolor- pearl jungle kleancolor - holo green kleancolor- sweet pea kleancolor- bikini green nailene -artist fx sparkling top coat row 5 malini- good morning sunshine kleancolor - metallic yellow kleancolor- gold bright kleancolor - mandarin burst kleancolor - mango burst kleancolor - holo orange kleancolor - neon lime kleancolor - funky yellow kleancolor - aurora kleancolor- pinky moon kleancolor - sugar coat kleancolor- twinkly love kleancolor - cream pearl kleancolor - pearl silver kleancolor - chunky halo black kleancolor - black kleancolor - metallic black row 6 avon rainbow- rainbow blue kleancolor- americano kleancolor- dark brown kleancolor- copper kleancolor- metallic red kleancolr- black hole kleancolor- jewlary kleancolor -fuchsia glitter kleancolor- angel red kleancolor- blood kleancolor- garnet red kleancolor - disco purple kleancolor- sparking mulberry kleancolor - berry burst kleancolor - metallic fuchsia kleancolor-grape burst kleancolor- barbie pink row 7 kleancolor- neon orange l.A. girl -magnetic polar opposite sinfull- force field wet/ wild- i wont repel you brown wet/wild - igniting the spark wet/wild- drawn together by force wet/wild- no gas, electrically charged magnetique- blue Frankenstein- holographic glitter nails. inc- diamond spoiled- inmate in love spoiled- pretty pink punk nabi-mystery crack x2 sinfull- black crackle color club- livivng on the edge sephora- blasterd turqoise glitter holiday lights- led nyc- matte me crazy so this is most of my collection i hope to put the rest up soon but please enjoy these for now ty so much
Day 6 of the spring nail challenge .
i did different nails, they are the sun setting in different areas of the world, i hope everyone likes them.

Friday, January 25, 2013

day 5 of the spring challange- sky i think this was one of my favorites to do, sadly the picture really dosent show all the glitter in it so i based it with a metallic blue, then added blue foils over each nail then applied holographic white glitter to each nail. once that was done i applied teal glitter to each nail and placed top coat over each nail. hope you like my sky look
Day 4 of the challenge,-flowers so i tried several different flower themes and finally came up with a 60's looking nail art with flowers. i started with a light shimmer green base, then painted flowers on with different color acrylic
paints. added a little glitter. then top coated it, hope you enjoy it

Thursday, January 24, 2013

day 3 of the spring challenge- green i used a metallic green polish (kleancolor metallic green) for the base color, then i applied kleancolor green with envy over the sides of the nails, then i place a rose sticker on middle finger and an abstract sticker on the others. hope y
you like this style, its pretty simple.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 2 of spring nail challenge- pink

Day 2 of spring nail challenge- pink I wanted to do this a little different then everyone else. so o put on a little black bunny. i call this my girly pink bunny. first step is to do a clear base coat, then apply a sheer pink, apply glitter to tip of nail and line with a gel polish (homemade gel polish in red. clear polish with 5 drops of red ink) then take a nail stripier brush and apply small squiggly lines in several colors, i used pink, blue, purple,and green. then i applied a matte pink over the pink lines. on one finger i placed black play boy bunny with a pink bow tie. then i applied top coat. i hope you enjoy my pink bunny nails.

Monday, January 21, 2013

flaming yellow

DAY 1 OF THE PRE-SPRING NAIL ART CHALLENGE – YELLOW (Mommy Loves) Nail Polish / Polish Alcoholic are holding a wicked Pre-Spring Challenge I have never done any of these nail challenges, so i wanted to try after seeing how many days were on it and how fun it looked, yellow was the 1st day, all i could think of was the flames of fire, with the little yellow dancers in the middle, so i made my flaming yellow nails. i hope every one enjoys them. for this style i used, a bottle of shimmer white sinful,(added yellow pigment)then i took acrylic paint in red, and yellow, made flames, mixed the 2 colors and added more flames, then i took some silver glitter added to the tips of the flames and last step i took a home made jell yellow and topped it off (jell yellow was made with yellow pigment and clear top coat. i love this look and i hope you do too.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


This is a caviar nail on the ring finger in blue, a simple style to do.  place the color polish you want as a base, when sticky apply the the caviar balls to the nail, then to protect it use a top coat, and you have pretty nails.
This was my idea of opi spotted. i used sponge and watered down acrylic paint and sponged the paint on the nail. then top coated it. hope you all in joy