Wednesday, March 27, 2013

sunburst 095 revlon color stayRevlon the Pacific Coast Collection by Gucci Westman

Revlon the Pacific Coast Collection by Gucci Westman the other day as i was walking down the isle in cvs i found a jelly polish by revlon. i wanted to so badly but had to wait for a little cash, iam sure you all know that feeling, so tonight i finally got it. the color is 095 sunburst revlon color stay long wear nail enamel. i believe it has come out for spring. so when i got home it was the first thing i did. i ran over and started putting it on, omg i love it. this polish is creamy and sheer, with one coat it it see threw, but 2 coats its just a other awsome jelly in orange. this polish dried very fast. i had no problume with the application. and the orange is stunning there are other polishes in this collection Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel Shades: Seashell Tradewinds Jungle Sunburst but nothing like the orange. here are the pics i took of it on my fingers

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Polished Dreams and Life Things: Another SWEET Indie Review featuring Pinkey Nails ...

Polished Dreams and Life Things: Another SWEET Indie Review featuring Pinkey Nails ...: So, Wassup peeps? Kinda out of character for me to publish more than one polish review in a week, but I did not want to put this one off - t...

Friday, March 22, 2013

blue girls just want to have fun nail polish by pinkey nails

so i have wanted to write this for some time. i had started making my own nail polish. i have my own line now called pinkey nails. I have made about 20 different colors, I like to experiment with mica, pigment and glitters. i have made glitter polish, jelly polish, holographic polish and even glitter top coats. its a lot of fun. it can become little over whelming. trying to keep up with the new styles and the new glitter coming out, and then still blogging and doing my nails on top of the every day house wife stuff. with 4 kids home every thing can become complicated. but out of all the polish i have made girls just want to have fun is probably my favorite. its a holographic glitter polish. it took 2 coats to insure that i got the holo to show, but i added blue stars and all kinds of fun glitters to this polish to make it something special. this polish could be a great birthday gift to a young girl or to the woman just starting to do nail art. but its vibrant blue color and glitters make this polish a smashing beauty on any one's nails. as i said its just a fun loving color. i hope you all like it and give me feed back

Thursday, March 21, 2013

as a indie polish maker in a small town, it's quite here and peaceful, with the exception of the children running around. I have learned so much from so many other people on the on the internet, from new friendships to learning to make my own polish. i love meeting new people, making new friends. making my own polish has brought me out of the dark in to a new light. it has brought meaning to my life. when i see a new order come in on my etsy store. i think to myself, woot woot another woman painting her nails with my polish. she is going to look fabulous. I know its not just my polish i feel this way about. I have seen so many other indie polish and thought omg i love it, it would look so great on my nails. and of course i order it. lol i think indie polish has truly a diffident touch when woman see it, why? well indie polish being hand mixed is like homemade soup our moms made. its the little touch of love in each bottle. the thoughts that go in to each mix. the idea that it comes from, indie polish is truly a heart felt item, and each bottle is different to each woman. I love Edger Allen Poe, so my first few bottles of polish were named after some of his writings, such as a tell tail heart, or Lenore. and i had one thought be hind it, emotional connection in each bottle, when i think of the bottle of Lenore i feel sadness and still feel love, when i think of the bottle the raven (a purple polish with white diamonds glitter and holographic silver glitters) I think of a dark night, when sitting alone, and i hear the noise of whats beyond my window. chilling. but when i look at other indie polishes i have some of the same feelings, such as the autism awareness polish by Different Dimension. I think of my daughter who struggles , I think of the children in the world that have to struggle each day. The one thing i want to do is just wear that polish to show support for this cause. some times i talk to other woman and see how nail polish has helped them.some woman instead of that one smoke they buy a polish. and save there lungs and apart of there life. smoking is a bad habit and we all know how harmful it can be to our body, but painting out nails we keep our fingers occupied, and this helps pass the time when we have a craving. so painting our nails as woman can be helpful to our daily life, i know i love to paint my nails and feel pretty when i just need to rest, take time out for me. stop and relax for 5 min. nail polish does this for me. if i can make nail polish and make other woman feel what i feel Iam glad to be making it. iam glad to help another person feel good about them self.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

so i have been making nail polish for a bit. about a month and i have had so much fun with it. so i sent some to a friend of mine and she did a review of my polish ( yes she is another blogger) she loves nail polish as much as i do. her thoughts on my nail polish made me so happy. i worked so hard on making these polishes. but i had a lot of fun to. so here is her blog i hope you all enjoy it

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013 So today i tryed the jamberry nails, wow they are really neat. i did them on my daughter who is 13. she loved the samples that were sent. so I sat down with her and we did nail her nails with the jamberry nail wraps. i started by buffing her nails, next step was clean with rubbing alcohol, cut sample in half, press wrap on nails, (don't allow the wrap to touch the skin or cuticle. this will cause lifting)apply heat from a hair dryer for 10sec, then smooth over nail with rubber cuticle pusher, cut off excess and file downward motion. after doing all the steps. my daughter loved her nails. she has had them on for the last 3 days, with no chipping, no peeling, and best of all she is not biting her nails. her hands look great. the cute poke a dots and stripes on her fingers look amazing. she has had so many compliments on her nails. asking were she got her nails done, they look great. so my over all experiance with jamberry nails was amazing, they went on simple, no mess, no smudging, super fast application and they looked great, what more can you ask for if you would like to try jumberry nail wraps here is the link to on facebook

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 so i finally got my nail store up and running, uhhhhhhhhhhhhh. well its been a long few weeks, but i did make a lot of polish, a new one called t- virus that is red and black my hubby actually named this polish, he is a huge resident evil fan along with my son. i made so many really coo nail polishes i dont know what to do with them all, lol i also got the nail supply s up in my store, woot woot, i really love being a part of esty, its a lot of fun and i get to meet new people all the time. so i have gotten a few new nail polishes such as the new wet and wild color icons, or the new paparazzi, i hope your all having fun painting your nails ,
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