Thursday, March 21, 2013

as a indie polish maker in a small town, it's quite here and peaceful, with the exception of the children running around. I have learned so much from so many other people on the on the internet, from new friendships to learning to make my own polish. i love meeting new people, making new friends. making my own polish has brought me out of the dark in to a new light. it has brought meaning to my life. when i see a new order come in on my etsy store. i think to myself, woot woot another woman painting her nails with my polish. she is going to look fabulous. I know its not just my polish i feel this way about. I have seen so many other indie polish and thought omg i love it, it would look so great on my nails. and of course i order it. lol i think indie polish has truly a diffident touch when woman see it, why? well indie polish being hand mixed is like homemade soup our moms made. its the little touch of love in each bottle. the thoughts that go in to each mix. the idea that it comes from, indie polish is truly a heart felt item, and each bottle is different to each woman. I love Edger Allen Poe, so my first few bottles of polish were named after some of his writings, such as a tell tail heart, or Lenore. and i had one thought be hind it, emotional connection in each bottle, when i think of the bottle of Lenore i feel sadness and still feel love, when i think of the bottle the raven (a purple polish with white diamonds glitter and holographic silver glitters) I think of a dark night, when sitting alone, and i hear the noise of whats beyond my window. chilling. but when i look at other indie polishes i have some of the same feelings, such as the autism awareness polish by Different Dimension. I think of my daughter who struggles , I think of the children in the world that have to struggle each day. The one thing i want to do is just wear that polish to show support for this cause. some times i talk to other woman and see how nail polish has helped them.some woman instead of that one smoke they buy a polish. and save there lungs and apart of there life. smoking is a bad habit and we all know how harmful it can be to our body, but painting out nails we keep our fingers occupied, and this helps pass the time when we have a craving. so painting our nails as woman can be helpful to our daily life, i know i love to paint my nails and feel pretty when i just need to rest, take time out for me. stop and relax for 5 min. nail polish does this for me. if i can make nail polish and make other woman feel what i feel Iam glad to be making it. iam glad to help another person feel good about them self.
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