Friday, March 22, 2013

blue girls just want to have fun nail polish by pinkey nails

so i have wanted to write this for some time. i had started making my own nail polish. i have my own line now called pinkey nails. I have made about 20 different colors, I like to experiment with mica, pigment and glitters. i have made glitter polish, jelly polish, holographic polish and even glitter top coats. its a lot of fun. it can become little over whelming. trying to keep up with the new styles and the new glitter coming out, and then still blogging and doing my nails on top of the every day house wife stuff. with 4 kids home every thing can become complicated. but out of all the polish i have made girls just want to have fun is probably my favorite. its a holographic glitter polish. it took 2 coats to insure that i got the holo to show, but i added blue stars and all kinds of fun glitters to this polish to make it something special. this polish could be a great birthday gift to a young girl or to the woman just starting to do nail art. but its vibrant blue color and glitters make this polish a smashing beauty on any one's nails. as i said its just a fun loving color. i hope you all like it and give me feed back
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