Thursday, March 14, 2013 So today i tryed the jamberry nails, wow they are really neat. i did them on my daughter who is 13. she loved the samples that were sent. so I sat down with her and we did nail her nails with the jamberry nail wraps. i started by buffing her nails, next step was clean with rubbing alcohol, cut sample in half, press wrap on nails, (don't allow the wrap to touch the skin or cuticle. this will cause lifting)apply heat from a hair dryer for 10sec, then smooth over nail with rubber cuticle pusher, cut off excess and file downward motion. after doing all the steps. my daughter loved her nails. she has had them on for the last 3 days, with no chipping, no peeling, and best of all she is not biting her nails. her hands look great. the cute poke a dots and stripes on her fingers look amazing. she has had so many compliments on her nails. asking were she got her nails done, they look great. so my over all experiance with jamberry nails was amazing, they went on simple, no mess, no smudging, super fast application and they looked great, what more can you ask for if you would like to try jumberry nail wraps here is the link to on facebook
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