Saturday, April 20, 2013

nail art with my daughter

so my oldest daughter has never liked nail polish or nail art at all, me on the other hand well, i loved it since i was a child, any way. my daughter and her step mom when out and got there nails done. my daughter now keeps asking me to do her nails, and is so excited about the nail art world, i don't think she has realized that nail polish in its self is part of that. lol so i did her nails last week and we did a little zombie guy giving a little dead girl his heart and this week we did 21 jump street nails. she is really enjoying this and i love seeing her smile. she loves looking at pictures for me to put in her nails. lol so any way iam going to show you the 2 i have done so far on her nails so i hope you all enjoy the new photos and have a wounderful day
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