Tuesday, April 23, 2013

nail it magazine

so i got a subscription to nail it magazine. IT wasn't to long maybe a 2 to 3 weeks before my first issue came. so my hubby came from the mail box with magazine in hand, then said your book came honey. i took it from him as if it was gold. i walked over to the sofa and sat down and opened the magazine to the first few pages, looking at the nail art and the new polish coming out. there are many many new polishes coming out and i think ever company put an ad in this magazine. lol ant whoo, opening the rest of the magazine i looked at article such as a guy and his polish, simple solutions fora dozen nail snags,or what is 3- free. there is an article all on the aisle style, brides every were and in this mag too, lol as many of you know iam going to be a bride in may, so this section made me scream with joy. but any way way over all i loved this magazine and i cant Waite till the next issue
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