Monday, April 29, 2013

so i was feeling so sick last night, but i went out in the world any way, so sitting on a counter at wallgreens was one bottle of the new sinfull gel polish. i had to get to get it, but then my fav counter girl came up to me and told me we have more out back let me get then for you, so she brings out the box and i got to pic threw all the colors, i ended up picking up 4 fthem, so got a few colors, but applied the yellow first, i did not like it at all as you can see its , still on some of my my nail lol how ever i did apply the light pink after, and a the application went on smooth, and drying time was fast, so i think i was not applying it right when i first put on the yellow. for now this is the blog i will post but i will come came back to these polishes, due to the simple fact iam not feelng well and i dont think i gave them a fair chance.
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