Thursday, May 30, 2013

the 1st one is summer brights in light teal green the 2nd is sinful volcanic is a very shimmery purple color the 3rd one is sinful colors my boyfriend a flat blue /purple color the 4th one is sally hansen fuzzy fantasy, this a line glitter polish, in light green and white the 5th one is is also a sally hensen fuzzy coat polish in fuzz-sea. this is a line glitter in blue and yellow the 6th one a new fergie polish in ferguson crest syrah this is a dark shimmer brown/purple color the 7th one is sinful colors bottom of the ocean this is a mattalic blue nail polish

Sunday, May 19, 2013

this is kleancolor in neon yellow, the application was a little thick.

making texture nail polish

So i have wanted to make textured nail polish for awhile now. so i got the supply's together. nail base glitter fine course sand pigment i added all these things together and came out with textured polish but not really what i wanted. the trexture would come out either too rough or it would come out to look texture but not feel textured. so for right now this is the start of a new adventure for me in the polish world. as iam going to figure out how to make this happen but i wanted to share the first try with all my blog friends. i hope you enjoy the project and i will post up dates

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

whats different about indie polish and other polishes

people keep asking me whats the so different between indie polish and normal nail polish? of course my first thought is wow you don't know ? but then i open my mouth. lol ,omg they are different for so many reasons. lets start with the base. the base of a normal polish will not hold glitters in it, the glitters will sink to the bottom. it so sad when you buy a clear bottle of nail polish and think "ill add glitters to this and it will look amazing"!!! but you add the glitter and all that happens is the glitter change the polish color (this is called bleeding) and the glitters sink to the bottom of the bottle. the great thought that you had about making the most amazing polish ever is just not what you wanted. it looks like a glitter mess right now. if you buy polish suspension base. the idea of the nail polish you want will look great. the glitters will be suspend in the base. they will not sink, i believe the suspension base is much thicker and this is this is why it hold the glitters. when a base holds glitters it makes it much easier to apply to the nail. when it dose not hold the glitters they will sink and get stuck to the bottom of the jar making almost impossible to gather and apply the glitters to the nail. so this is one of the resons indie polish is so diffrent. the other thing that makes indie polish very different that pigments / mica are added to make the color of the polish. mica/pigments come in all kindso f colors and glow in the dark and change color. in normal nail polish the pigments are added at a high level were indie polishes pigment is added in small amounts to get the right color. from shimmer to dark black to gellies and more. so making your own nail polish can be a lot of fun and you can make any color you want, or you can look in to some indie companys, etsy is a great place to look for polish, or take a look at my store (also on etsy) but what ever you do have fun with polish. make it you.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

this is a postfrom a another blogger on my nail polish check it out and like her blog

sinful colors gel tech polish

i picked up 8 of the new sinful color gel tech nail polish's last week, iam finally writing this blog. I was wondering what made these nail polishes so diffident and what made them so great. I could see all the woman talking about how wonderful this product is. so i tried one purple polish from the original sinful line and then one purple polish from the gel tech line. so i waited a week and painted my nails with both polishes ( sinful original and sinful gel tech) so the gel tech for the first few days was shiny with its wonderfulness, but as i got in to my normal every day washing dishes, vacuuming and taking care of the kids, its shine went away and looked more like the other hand. several days after that (i would say maybe 3 days) the polish on both hands started to chip, the non gel tech defiantly chipped a lot more then the gel tech polish. but it did not last 2 weeks. I did try to further look in to what gel tech was. sadly there is not much information out there in this. gel manicures are much different then this nail polish. the gel from a gel manicure looks and feels more like a layer of plastic over the nail, the sinful gel tech felt more like there was some of that gel in it but not enough. it had the shine for a few days but nothing like the original gel mani. so i do like this product, I found that it would be wonderful for the young lady's who like to paint there nails and don't like to go to the salon, or sit for 45 min to get a gel manicure. (much like myself) but if your looking for that gel like manicure this is not the product for you.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

so as i have stated in some of my last post, i make my own polish. i kneow a few girls who have done reviews on my polish and today polished dreams and life things has done just that done another review of my polish so here is her blog link i hoep you read it as she is a wonderful blogger

A little bit about me,

Hello, so i wanted to write a little about my self in this blog. well my name is sara i have loved nail polish since i was a child around the age of 4. My grandmother hook would buy me these little kits called tinker bell nail kits, I would sit behind her table on the old heater in her home and paint my nails. lol what a mess, but i always thought they looked pretty with my Tinkerbell polish. so as i grew older fell in love with polish, i went to school at smith vocational high school and then i went to frankelen tech high school to learn about hair and nails. i graduated in 1998 with a cosmetology degree. i then worked in a few salons as a hair dress, but deep down in side i really wanted to be a nail tech. but i wasn't able to do that due to the fact i choose to have 3 children. and let me tell you children area hand full, from doctors appointments to meeting new teachers each year. last year i found out my youngest child has asperger syndrome. this was not a shock to us at all. from the start she was different. SO she is now 8 and my oldest is now 13. all of them are doing well. all have good grades in school, they love there step father. we will be getting married on the 25th of may 2013. all the girls are part of the wedding and very happy to take part in the ceremony. any way, a few months back i looked at my life and realized i ha dent done anything for myself in years, i mean i got the normal clothing and the once in a a while polish. but in the aspect of something i liked to do i dident have that, not really any way. for hours i would play on my pc in a fake world to get away. so i ran across another mother writing blogs. and that's when it hit me, this is what i should do for myself. but then i got looking around in the little world of nail polish and realized i could make my own. so i ordered everything to do that and opened my little shop on etsy (pinkey nails). then i opend my face book page (pinkey nails by sara). so i made my first batch of polish. and then my second, not many buyers for it but i love making it. i love to watch the glitter and the base go into each bottle. knowing that at some point some one other then me will wear this and make them look amazing. i have worn all my polishes at least once. and then i sent a few out to other bloggers as well. such as polished dreams and life things and brezzy the nail polish lover. both giving me great reviews. so iam started on my 3rd set of polish soon. its amazing feeling when you see something you made on someone else. so i know i wont ever stop making my own polish. I love it way to much, i love the look on peoples faces when you hear them say were did you get that, and i say made it. and hand them my card, its a great feeling. when i saw the pictures from the blog reviews i felt like i made a diffrance in the world. i don't know how i have done this yet, but i i know some day it will make a big diffrance in the world, but for now its a diffrance in my life to know iam doing something i love.