Sunday, May 5, 2013

sinful colors gel tech polish

i picked up 8 of the new sinful color gel tech nail polish's last week, iam finally writing this blog. I was wondering what made these nail polishes so diffident and what made them so great. I could see all the woman talking about how wonderful this product is. so i tried one purple polish from the original sinful line and then one purple polish from the gel tech line. so i waited a week and painted my nails with both polishes ( sinful original and sinful gel tech) so the gel tech for the first few days was shiny with its wonderfulness, but as i got in to my normal every day washing dishes, vacuuming and taking care of the kids, its shine went away and looked more like the other hand. several days after that (i would say maybe 3 days) the polish on both hands started to chip, the non gel tech defiantly chipped a lot more then the gel tech polish. but it did not last 2 weeks. I did try to further look in to what gel tech was. sadly there is not much information out there in this. gel manicures are much different then this nail polish. the gel from a gel manicure looks and feels more like a layer of plastic over the nail, the sinful gel tech felt more like there was some of that gel in it but not enough. it had the shine for a few days but nothing like the original gel mani. so i do like this product, I found that it would be wonderful for the young lady's who like to paint there nails and don't like to go to the salon, or sit for 45 min to get a gel manicure. (much like myself) but if your looking for that gel like manicure this is not the product for you.
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