Tuesday, May 14, 2013

whats different about indie polish and other polishes

people keep asking me whats the so different between indie polish and normal nail polish? of course my first thought is wow you don't know ? but then i open my mouth. lol ,omg they are different for so many reasons. lets start with the base. the base of a normal polish will not hold glitters in it, the glitters will sink to the bottom. it so sad when you buy a clear bottle of nail polish and think "ill add glitters to this and it will look amazing"!!! but you add the glitter and all that happens is the glitter change the polish color (this is called bleeding) and the glitters sink to the bottom of the bottle. the great thought that you had about making the most amazing polish ever is just not what you wanted. it looks like a glitter mess right now. if you buy polish suspension base. the idea of the nail polish you want will look great. the glitters will be suspend in the base. they will not sink, i believe the suspension base is much thicker and this is this is why it hold the glitters. when a base holds glitters it makes it much easier to apply to the nail. when it dose not hold the glitters they will sink and get stuck to the bottom of the jar making almost impossible to gather and apply the glitters to the nail. so this is one of the resons indie polish is so diffrent. the other thing that makes indie polish very different that pigments / mica are added to make the color of the polish. mica/pigments come in all kindso f colors and glow in the dark and change color. in normal nail polish the pigments are added at a high level were indie polishes pigment is added in small amounts to get the right color. from shimmer to dark black to gellies and more. so making your own nail polish can be a lot of fun and you can make any color you want, or you can look in to some indie companys, etsy is a great place to look for polish, http://www.etsy.com/ or take a look at my store (also on etsy) http://www.etsy.com/shop/pinkeynails?ref=si_shop but what ever you do have fun with polish. make it you.
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