Friday, June 7, 2013

my pink dream polish

diana is a wonderful dark purple color with fine dark purple glitters. it came in my package as an extra for ordering. fruity pebbles was the polish i wanted. i saw it on her esty ( ) shop an thought wow thats going to be amazing!!!!! it was too, i love white base polishes, this on is no exception. the application was simple, the color was perfect and the glitters cam out all over the brush. i just love this polish 80's melt down and miami sun rise, are both mini polishes that came with my order, 80's melt down is a white base with neon glitters. the application was smooth and the glitters are wonderful. this is a great polish just like the others. mini miami sun rise is a glitter polish with a clear base. the glitters are neon. little hex and small squares and so much more pack this mini with glitter, application on the nail was smooth, the glitter came right out of the bottle, and went right on the nail. it a really great polish. s for the other polishes i will do another post on them at a later date, i hope you all enjoyed the review.
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