Sunday, August 4, 2013

cq slate nail polish and Lm nail polish beauty #50

cq 575 color slate is a dark creamy green nail polish, its a great color. the brush is short, the bottle is a different shape then most bottles, it holds 0.4 fl oz od polish. the polish was great. when applying the first coat covered great and i added another layer, the nail polish dried fast and had no issues over all i think it was a great polish
i then added another polish as a top coat over the slate cq, it was number 50 from Lm nail polish beauty. its a clear polish with silver glitter, and holo stars. in a clear base. i applied one coat of this over the cq slate. it's a really pretty polish, the application was easy, the smell of this polish was a little strange. but it dried fine. the shape of the bottle is something along the lines of opi shaped bottles and this bottle holds 18 ml of polish. over all i like this polish. the stars stars in it are amazing. for extra stars i added some glitter stars from , Amy's Accessories on aliexress all items were purchased by me all options are my own
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