Tuesday, August 13, 2013

girl obsessed polishes

so last week i got some nail polishes from girl obsessed, https://www.facebook.com/AGirlObsessed
they are amazing colors, 1, hot mess 2,berry mojito 3.berries and cream 4.draculaura 5. monarch butterfly 6.strobe its taken me a bit to get to this review of these great nail polishes, iam glad to be able to be posting them now, 1. hot mess is a sheer pink shimmer with black stars,white hex, large black, red and white hex small white and black hex, this polish is so pretty, sadly i was unable to wear it on my hands but i was able to swatch it on my plastic finger. 2. berry mojito is a great polish, the base is a very very light mint green, with circle glitters in it, the glitters are pink, green, and blue. there are pink and green micro glitters in it.and large pink holo glitters in it. 3 berries and cream this is a white base with pink,blue and teal glitter. the glitters are mostly small some are of a medium size. this polish was easy to apply glitters are threw out the application, and i had no issues applying this color. 4. draculaura , this is a pink base, with long black glitter,hex black glitters pink circles glitter,small pink hex glitters and sheer shard glitter, small white hex glitter and cool red and black hearts, the idea behind this polish was a cartoon character from monster high, draculaura. this polish is amazing my daughter love's it, she could not wait to wear this great polish. so here are her small fingers 5. monarch butterfly this is a clear base with glitters that are bright orange, white, gold, and black, and the best glitter in it is the holographic butterflies in it. i wore this polish over an orange, i tohught the application was great, drying time was good, and as always the glitter was amazing, 6. strobe was the last of these that i had received. this polish is super cool, there are to many kinds of glitters for me to tell you all of them.but they are, black, white and holographic silver glitters, this make a super cool glitter top coat, i fell in love with this polish the min i opened it, and funny enough i don't think i would have gotten it myself. but iam in love with it, and here is a pic of it alone on my short stubby nails, so all in all with each of these polishes there is something special about each of them, girl obsessed makes great polish and i love her stuff, https://www.facebook.com/AGirlObsessed?ref=br_tf this is her shop link, sadly she is on vacation right now but iam sure she will be back soon, or if you need a polish you can always contact her on her facebook page at the above link https://www.etsy.com/shop/AGirlObsessed?ref=shop_sugg https://www.facebook.com/AGirlObsessed?ref=br_tf
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