Saturday, August 31, 2013

spotted - opi - fingers

i had heard all the hype about this fingers spotted product before it came out, i really wanted to know if it compared to spotted by opi. i found that that the brush on this top coat is very thin, this makes for a hard application as you can see no matter how much or how little i added it just would not work. you add a lot of top coat and you get a few spaces, you don't add enough and it looks like you wanted to make a lines in it, so over all this was not such a great product, its was extremely disappointing. as you can see in the last picture the spotted worked fine, well its opi spotted. opi spotted was a little tricky at first. but in the end was a great buy, its application is pretty easy, ( the trick is less is better) and the brush is a fully wide brush. making the application easy. on this hand you can see that i iused the opi spotted and it looks much better, the spotts are all over then nail and look al ot diffrent then the fingers brand, so i have to say opi is a better priduct at this point from my view if you you would like to buy either of these items, here are links and for the fingers spotted you can buy this at your local walmart
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