Wednesday, December 31, 2014

LynBDesigns review

so i have had these hanging around just before Christmas. I ordered one grab bag. it had 3 polishes to each grab bag, i also ordered 2 special polishes that she only had a few of.  fisticuff and ennui. and to top it off i ordered do i look like a frolicker.
I have to say shipping was really quick. i loved these colors even before i tried them on.

The first one is  - Right on-
                           This polish is super amazing. Its a holographic brown polish with gold shard glitters in it. the consistence of the polish  is perfect, it slides off the brush with no issues.
i applied base coat and then one coat of this polish, it seemed a little sheer. so i applied another coat of this polish. and perfection was born. the time for drying was with in a few min. i love this polish. I have to say i think it is the best one i got this time.

The next polish. that i did was also from the grab bag.

this one has no name on it, its a purple base polish.with a shimmer. it has micro silver glitters in it and micro stars in purple and silver. The consistency of this polish was kinda chunky. it did not slide of the brush as i would have liked.  I  applied  base coat and then one coat of polish. This polish was extremely  sheer.  I then applied another coat to the nail.  This did darken up the polish. however is also made the polish look chunky on the nail. I feel this is due to the small stars in the polish. It however still dry fast.  


The next polish is called Parapher Nailia. This is a very dark glitter  burgundy polish. 
It has hues of gold and red. the polish consistency is good. it slides off the brush. this polish was thicker then the first polish. I applied base coat and one coat of polish. It was sheer with glitter. I applied 2 more coats and got a good occupancy.

The following polish is called Fisticuff . This was one of the limited edition polishes that were sold in her shop.
   Fisticuff is a dark purple  ( almost black) polish with silver micro glitters and silver hex  glitters. The consistency of this polish  is great. I applied base coat and 2 coats of fisticuff . one coat is just way to sheer for this polish.
The following polish is  also one of the limited editions. This is called Ennui. This is a teal cream polish with blue holo micro glitters. small blue square glitters, med size blue matte glitters and silver shard glitters.  When i saw this polish in her shop i had to have. It looked amazing.  The consistency of it is perfect. as with her other polishes it just slides right off the brush. I applied base coat and 2 coats of this polish. dry time was very short. over all I just adore this polish. 

The last polish i have to show you all is _Do i look like a frolicker? 
This is an orange  jelly polish. with shimmer glitters in it. has  hues that  are a pink. this makes the orange jelly polish pop, I have to say this is a amazing  jelly polish. The  consistency is great. just like the rest of her polishes. I applied base coat and 2 coats of  polish. dry time was also great.  

so all in all I love these polishes. 
if you would like to check out  LynBDesigns  here is her link 

Monday, December 29, 2014

princess- peel off nail polish collection

 this is a set i picked up at Walmart. it has several different polishes with it  
this is the perfect set for your little nail princess. i applied 2 coats of each polish,
this polish is not picked at will last several days.

the first one is belle from beauty and the beast in a shimmer yellow polish,
the second one is snow white in a red shimmer polish 
then we have ariel  in a teal green polish 

next up was a blue shimmer of course its Cinderella, who else would be blue? 
and the last one being Rapunzel a very pretty purple color,
these polish  are great for kids and last on the nails for a few days, i had on teal green for several days, until i picked it off, i peeled the nail polish off with my fingers, and then cleaned up with polish remover.  over all i love these cute little bottles, the polish lasted longer then i thought it  would and  its princesses  , i love these.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

black Friday sale

Friday, November 21, 2014

ice cream nail polish - rite aid

  so i picked up a few nail polishes from rite aid, they are all ice cream cones with snowmen faces
 the first one is a mint green with iridescent  glitters  in it . its a very playful polish,

the next one is a teal green polish with small silver glitters 

 i just love glitter polishes. sadly i could not get a great photo of this polish,  but  i picked out a hot pink one with blue glitters 

here is the next one 

so last but not  least another pick polish 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

lucky 13 lacquer

here is a very pretty swatch of lucky 13 lacquer i'd tell him to go to hell is a very pretty orange red polish with green glitters in it. i love this polish, its applications was smooth, i applied 2 coats.
this is judge, jury and Executioner

this is a cream tan color with  brown hex glitters in it. again another smooth application. 2 coats 

i also order one bottle of nail polish remover  photo not shown, however i love it. i feel that it is one of the best polish removers i have used

i love these 2 polishes,  they shipped fast  i got them in a few day,  if you would like to check out  lucky 13 lacquer   you can click on this link here >>>>

cutting edge polish  

Thursday, October 30, 2014

freak show nail art

this nail art was inspired by the show american horror story - freak show
american horror story started about 4 years ago, staring with american horror story murder house,
freak show is the 4th season in the series .
 the show airs wWednesday at 10:00.
on fx-
there are many wonderful actors/actresses in this show such as Jessica lange, kathy bates, even peters, Emma Roberts, Michael chiklis and Angela  bassets.  the show is creepy and  fin to watch,  

so if you want to see more nail art  come join us at

hope you enjoyed the nail art and don't forget to watch american horror story 

avon- blue lagoon

this is avon's blue lagoon, its a light blue shimmer polish, this color is pretty sheer,
i applied a white base coat and 2 coats of polish to get the  bright blue,

hope you enjoy the  polish if you want to look at more join me at

wet and wild fantasy makers- Roach Busters

 Roach Busters 

 this is a green neon polish with yellow high lights, the bottle has a cemetery stone shaped  cap, 
the application was simple,  i added 2 coats of color,  no smearing like some of the other wet and wild polishes, i love this color and it was 1.99 at cvs, 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Revlon - cloudy- cream nail polish

Revlon nail polish to speed
Revlon top speed nail polish in the color cloudy,  this is a cream grey polish, the application was very smooth and it  dried  so fast. its a great color, i had so much fun with this one,
 so hear are more photos

you can pick up Revlon polishes  at Walmart,  cvs, rite aid,  some times dollar tree