Saturday, January 25, 2014

vintage nail polish from 1990s- 2002

so i wanted to do a post on some of my very old polishes from the 90's
the first polish is a white grey shimmer from caprim its
very pretty i got this polish in 1998 i believe, the next polish, is from chelly its a metallic grey polish, i also got this in 1998 the number on the color is 39. this brand dosent have names on the bottle
capri brass was all bought in 1998, this is a pink/purple color with darker purple under tones, its number 30 brash,
2001 i bought a brazt makeup kit,it was for kids but had a great pink polish in it, and even now i love this polish and the unique bottle its in, it has no name the only thing on it is the brazt logo, but its a pink metallic polish, its very light and wears very well
the next polish is from maybelline, this was bought in 1999, its a glitter polish with micro glitters in pink,red,and purple. this polish is called twinkle pink number 746
love my nails i have 2 bottles of these polishes, the first one is chartreuse shimmer a metallic green the second one is heavenly in metallic blue, these bottles were both bought in 2002,at walmart.
and this last bottle is kinda funny i have has it since i was about 14 or 15 and iam 34 now, so its old and i have hardly ever used it ,but its a star shaped bottle that came in a childrens nail art kits, its a very pretty blue polish

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

spooky bones nail polish- anomoly

this is a great polish i picked up on esty at spooky bones, spooky bones has all kinds of great polishes, from glow in the dark to shimmer polish, this polish is Anomoly it is a clear base with holo glitters in it, it has blue, glow in the dark and black stars in it along with black and white spirals,,the bottle is a little odd, however it has a great brush for glitter polish, the brush has a curve to it, so it grabs those big glitters with ease, the polish is easy to apply and dries with in 5 min, bottle size is 15ml and i just love this polish, so check it out,

if you like this polish, you should check out spooky bones on esty.

Friday, January 10, 2014

frozen polish

so i been busy working on a new collection of polish, my daughter's fell in love with the movie frozen. so i choice to make a nail polish colletion inspierd by this movie, so here are a few of the polishes i love the top coat its like falling snow

Friday, January 3, 2014

i took a small time out,

so a little before the holiday, i had to take a time out for personal things, i will be starting back up on mu blog, and my page on fb very soon, in the mean time let me show you few pics of my down time, with my children , the last few pics are a few nail supplys i got for xmas from my hubby, so can't waite to get back, and will be posting more pics soon , thanks for being a fan of my blog