Monday, February 3, 2014

magazine nail art

have you ever seen a picture in a magazine and though, omg. i wish i could put that on my nail, well now you can, its so simple, first get magazine, then find a pic you want to put on your nails, cut it out and once its cut out you need to paint one coat of clear top coat on it, once this dries do it once more, then once the top coat is fully dry place the picture in water, ( it should curl and absorb the water) when this is done take the picture out of the water and place on a hard, flat surface. take a q-tip and wet the end with water, take the q-tip and gently rub the back of the picture, ( the side you did not put top coat on) as you do this tyou should see parts falling off, this is the part that has no top coat on it, the part with top coat will have the picture on it and be very thin, like a decal. once all the extra has fallen off it should look thin, see threw with the pic on it, take this thin picture and place on a nail that has just been polished, ( what ever color you like, white works best) place the picture on the nail and then let dry for a momment, place top coat on it, and your done place jems or other nail art on top or leave it alone for a new fashion. here is a picture of my finished art
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