Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Polish Yer Hooves polish review

Polish Yer Hooves is an indie shop on etsy. i looked at her polish for some time, i bought a few bottles rosie is a pink neon with holo glitters in it, its a very pretty polish, application was 2 coats, the base was kinda thin. but still a very pretty polish, Mooove 'em Home, Boys! is a yellow polish, with a small amount of gold glitters and yellow matte heart glitters, the base again was thin, and sadly the glitters in this sank to the bottom of the bottle but with a good shake it was perfect, this yellow looks great i aplyed 3 coats to my nails Save Da Udders! Breast cancer awareness polish this is a very pretty polish, its a sheer pink with holo glitters in it, application is 2 coats to my nails zombie cow blood, i loved this polish, its my fav of the collection, this is a neon green sheer polish, its holo polish and i just love it then there is mister with a sunburn, this is a top coat polish, the glitters are silver, red and black, i applied it over zombie cow blood, the last item is called boo boo fixer, this is a item to help fix smudged nail polish, and i have to say it worked well here is a picture of a smudged polish, ( yes i smudged it on purpose) and here is a picture after using the boo boo fixer so over all i love these products and would buy more from polish yer hooves, here is her link to her store and the link to her facebook page

Saturday, March 15, 2014

glitter mix - the many uses

today i wanted to talk about the many uses for non solvent glitter and solvent glitter glitters can be used for so many things, nail art is a huge thing many of us women use glitter for, so lets get started, the the first way we can use glitter is to apply a nail polish, then dab a glitter mix on with a paint brush, then just apply a top coat nail polish, the next thing you can do is mix a little glitter mix with nail polish and apply it to the nail, again when dry apply top coat, the other use way you can add glitter to your nails is buy a nail polish with glitter in it, this is a solvent resistant glitter in the polish, (you can buy solvent resistant glitter at many places or buy a indie polish) just paint your nails with the glitter polish. one more way is to put glitter in a shaker bottle, apply nail polish and then shake some glitter on to the nail, as alway use top coat after. hope you all enjoy this blog on the many ways to use glitter

Saturday, March 8, 2014

free shipping sale on cutting edge nails

free shipping on any order over 5.00 just enter the code MARCHFREESHIP on my etsy site when checking out, here are some of the polish in store now

Friday, March 7, 2014

sample polishes

i just wanted to share this, its a picture of a sample polish that is about 14 years old and from avon, now sephora is coming out with sample bottles of polish that look close 2 them i cant waite to try them

Sunday, March 2, 2014


so i have been working on a new line of polish for my store on etsy, its named after a book, Miss peregrine's home for peculiar children. this is an amazing book, you can grab this book on amazon this book is all about a boy named jacob and how his life is turned upside down after his grandfather dies, his grandfather used to tell him stories about the children on the island, a boy who had bees in his belly, a girl who could make fire with her hands, another girl who floated, millard the invisible boy, of course jacob thinks these are just stories but are they, jacob soon finds himself in another world, another place and time, i feel in love with magical story of adventure, faith, love and hope. so my next line of polish is based off this story, here are some pictures