Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Polish Yer Hooves polish review

Polish Yer Hooves is an indie shop on etsy. i looked at her polish for some time, i bought a few bottles rosie is a pink neon with holo glitters in it, its a very pretty polish, application was 2 coats, the base was kinda thin. but still a very pretty polish, Mooove 'em Home, Boys! is a yellow polish, with a small amount of gold glitters and yellow matte heart glitters, the base again was thin, and sadly the glitters in this sank to the bottom of the bottle but with a good shake it was perfect, this yellow looks great i aplyed 3 coats to my nails Save Da Udders! Breast cancer awareness polish this is a very pretty polish, its a sheer pink with holo glitters in it, application is 2 coats to my nails zombie cow blood, i loved this polish, its my fav of the collection, this is a neon green sheer polish, its holo polish and i just love it then there is mister with a sunburn, this is a top coat polish, the glitters are silver, red and black, i applied it over zombie cow blood, the last item is called boo boo fixer, this is a item to help fix smudged nail polish, and i have to say it worked well here is a picture of a smudged polish, ( yes i smudged it on purpose) and here is a picture after using the boo boo fixer so over all i love these products and would buy more from polish yer hooves, here is her link to her store and the link to her facebook page
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