Thursday, April 24, 2014

polish i have made and not added to the store,

so today i thought maybe i would show you all the polishes that just never made it into the store, all the polishes that either has sinking glitters, pigment issues, just didn't come out the way i wanted it too, or other imperfections, but i wanted to share all my polish with you, please be aware that i reuse bottles, so some of the bottles are store bought but my own hand mixed polish is in them

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

shards of glitter- tutorial on glitter use for nail art - nail art

i was thinking about nail glitter and the last nail art tutorial i had done, i had shown few ways to apply glitter to the nail, but i did not show placement glitters so today i would like to show placement glitter, start out with a plan color nail (make sure the polish is tacky) take out some glitter, ( hearts, shards, any shaped glitter ) while the nail is still tacky, pick up your glitter with a toothpick place one glitter on the nail in the tacky nail polish, and repeat over again as many times as you would like , once all glitter is applyed to the nail, allow to dry for a min, then apply a top coat. allow the top coat to dry and your done

nail art stamping - nail art tutorial

I have been playing around with all kinds of nail art, so i started to learn more about nail art stamping, nail art stamping is easy, takes a little time but still simple, start with a plan polishes nail pick out your stamp plate and color of stamping polish, (i have found that kleancolor,sinful colors,and many more polishes have been use full, even some holo polishes such as color club) apply a small amount if polish to the stamp area you would like to use, after applying the nail polish to the plate, take the Scraper and run it across the area were you applied the polish to take off all the excess polish this should leave you with some polish in the groves of the plate for your nail art now take your rubber stamper and place on top of the polish on the plate, push down and roll the rubber over the plate were your polish is in the groves, then pull up, you should have the image of the picture from the plate you want on the rubber stamper , while wet place the stamper on the nail you want the image on, push down and the image should adhere to the nail wait a min or 2 and apply a topcoat over your art, if you do nto wait to apply the top coat it will smear and look like this hope this help's with your nail stamping, and always have fun with nail art