Wednesday, May 28, 2014

fuse gel polish -sonic blue

so yesterday i posted about the fuse gel system , so i went out and got another bottle of the fuse gel polish, 
here is sonic blue, this is a light teal/ blue polish, as with the other gel polish i tried it went on smooth, 30 sec in the led light and we were good to go, 
so this brought me to the next question, what if i added glitter ? 

so i added a glitter mix on top and applied a clear top coat gel over it,  put my finger in the led for 30 seconds and it worked great,  so another great use for glitter mixes, omg i love that ,  so i figured what about spangles, so i took the next finger and added a few heart spangles and the gel top coat, 
and again a perfect ,  
i loved playing with this polish and the gel top coat, 
worked great, and i love it,

so if your looking for  the fuse gel polish or starter kit check them out 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

fuse gel nail polish starter kit,

last night walking around cvs i found this cute little cube, it was a starter kit for the fuse gel polish,
i picked it up and looked at it, and thought wow this is kinda cool, looked at the price, it was on sale for 19.99,  i grabbed it,  i took it home and i had to try it,
I opened the box and read all the directions, step one clean nails, step 2 prep nails with buffer step 3 apply a thin layer of gel nail polish, place nail in the led light for 30 sec, step 4 wipe nail with cleanser, so i did all this

 i tried it on my thumb nail and omg this kit is amazing,  everything is included in the kit to start, you can go the the fuse web site and order more colors or supplies as needed

here are a few pics of the thumb nail i had done

I know the photos are kinda dark, however is you look you can see how pretty the glitter is in the gel , 
i loved this product,  the nails are in great condition and i have had them on for 24 hours, 
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Sunday, May 25, 2014

history of nail polish and nail art - part 2- henna

nail art  actually started  with men thousand of years ago in babylonian time,
men would wear kohl on their nails when going to war , they also used this as a social statues,
men who wore black were of a higher social status, and males who wore green were of lower social status,
From 5000 B.C. to 3000 B.C woman in ancient egypt would use henna to color their nails, hand and feet. woman of higher statues would wear dark reds, , some women were not allowed to wear this at all.Due to social statues, henna has been found on mummies  in tombs. on the hands and feet,  manny pharaohs used henna,   henna has been used for ceremonial use for many decades. Even today a in india  and several other cultures you will find a bride wearing henna tattoos, some brides even add glitter to their designs. so what is henna ? 
Henna is a flowering plant , it grows in southern asia, australia and north africa, 
 when the plant is ready its cut, dried and ground up in to a fine powder,  (black henna is not  from this plant and can actually harm your skin,)  to make the dye for the skin, henna needs to be mixed with several ingredients, lemon juice, tea, water,sugar and essential oils are all apart of this process,  
if you would like more info on mixing henna

here is a link for you. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

polish destash sale

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

holographic nail polish, color club, indie, pigment, tkb

so today i wanted to talk to you all about holographic nail polish, here is a pic of the ones i made in upcycled bottles, the first one is a holo liqued from tkb, called magic holographic, the second bottle is luminosity glitter dust from tkb, this is glitter in the size 00.2 the 3rd bottle is glitter from spectreck in size 00.4 and the 4th bottle is is from spectrck glitter in size .008. as you can see from the bottles they all have there own rainbow effect to them, there is whats called spectraflair, i do not own any of this, but color club nail polish has a wide selection of polish that has this pigment in it, here is a photo of a few of these polishes, so now that we know there is many kinds of polish that are called holographic lets take a look at them on a nail you can get many of these types of polishes from indie makers, such ad my shop cutting edge the devil wears polish - enchanted polish - kleancolor- color club - and if you look around you may find other store's that carry holo polishes i hope this was helpful in looking for the perfect polish for you

Monday, May 5, 2014

glitter and acrylic nails = # 2 use for nail glitter

so i would like to star by saying this is not my strong point, how ever i like to try new things so i started by buying some acrylic powder and liquid, so i took my brush dipped it in the liquid and then the acrylic powder, to make a small ball i then dipped the ball in to the the glitter mix i pre made, then i placed the acrylic and glitter on the nail by patting the acrylic on to the fake nail. i then ran the brush down the nail to make it even, ( it was still a little bumpy) , i allowed the acrylic to dry fully, then i buffed the top of the nail with a buffer, should look almost like a matte powder on top, after this i took a dry brush and removed the dust, i then put top coat on the nail i allowed the top coat to dry, thats it, here are a few pics of others i did also