Tuesday, May 27, 2014

fuse gel nail polish starter kit,

last night walking around cvs i found this cute little cube, it was a starter kit for the fuse gel polish,
i picked it up and looked at it, and thought wow this is kinda cool, looked at the price, it was on sale for 19.99,  i grabbed it,  i took it home and i had to try it,
I opened the box and read all the directions, step one clean nails, step 2 prep nails with buffer step 3 apply a thin layer of gel nail polish, place nail in the led light for 30 sec, step 4 wipe nail with cleanser, so i did all this

 i tried it on my thumb nail and omg this kit is amazing,  everything is included in the kit to start, you can go the the fuse web site and order more colors or supplies as needed   http://fuse.sensationail.com/

here are a few pics of the thumb nail i had done

I know the photos are kinda dark, however is you look you can see how pretty the glitter is in the gel , 
i loved this product,  the nails are in great condition and i have had them on for 24 hours, 
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