Wednesday, May 28, 2014

fuse gel polish -sonic blue

so yesterday i posted about the fuse gel system , so i went out and got another bottle of the fuse gel polish, 
here is sonic blue, this is a light teal/ blue polish, as with the other gel polish i tried it went on smooth, 30 sec in the led light and we were good to go, 
so this brought me to the next question, what if i added glitter ? 

so i added a glitter mix on top and applied a clear top coat gel over it,  put my finger in the led for 30 seconds and it worked great,  so another great use for glitter mixes, omg i love that ,  so i figured what about spangles, so i took the next finger and added a few heart spangles and the gel top coat, 
and again a perfect ,  
i loved playing with this polish and the gel top coat, 
worked great, and i love it,

so if your looking for  the fuse gel polish or starter kit check them out 

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