Monday, May 5, 2014

glitter and acrylic nails = # 2 use for nail glitter

so i would like to star by saying this is not my strong point, how ever i like to try new things so i started by buying some acrylic powder and liquid, so i took my brush dipped it in the liquid and then the acrylic powder, to make a small ball i then dipped the ball in to the the glitter mix i pre made, then i placed the acrylic and glitter on the nail by patting the acrylic on to the fake nail. i then ran the brush down the nail to make it even, ( it was still a little bumpy) , i allowed the acrylic to dry fully, then i buffed the top of the nail with a buffer, should look almost like a matte powder on top, after this i took a dry brush and removed the dust, i then put top coat on the nail i allowed the top coat to dry, thats it, here are a few pics of others i did also
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