Sunday, May 25, 2014

history of nail polish and nail art - part 2- henna

nail art  actually started  with men thousand of years ago in babylonian time,
men would wear kohl on their nails when going to war , they also used this as a social statues,
men who wore black were of a higher social status, and males who wore green were of lower social status,
From 5000 B.C. to 3000 B.C woman in ancient egypt would use henna to color their nails, hand and feet. woman of higher statues would wear dark reds, , some women were not allowed to wear this at all.Due to social statues, henna has been found on mummies  in tombs. on the hands and feet,  manny pharaohs used henna,   henna has been used for ceremonial use for many decades. Even today a in india  and several other cultures you will find a bride wearing henna tattoos, some brides even add glitter to their designs. so what is henna ? 
Henna is a flowering plant , it grows in southern asia, australia and north africa, 
 when the plant is ready its cut, dried and ground up in to a fine powder,  (black henna is not  from this plant and can actually harm your skin,)  to make the dye for the skin, henna needs to be mixed with several ingredients, lemon juice, tea, water,sugar and essential oils are all apart of this process,  
if you would like more info on mixing henna

here is a link for you. 

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