Wednesday, May 7, 2014

holographic nail polish, color club, indie, pigment, tkb

so today i wanted to talk to you all about holographic nail polish, here is a pic of the ones i made in upcycled bottles, the first one is a holo liqued from tkb, called magic holographic, the second bottle is luminosity glitter dust from tkb, this is glitter in the size 00.2 the 3rd bottle is glitter from spectreck in size 00.4 and the 4th bottle is is from spectrck glitter in size .008. as you can see from the bottles they all have there own rainbow effect to them, there is whats called spectraflair, i do not own any of this, but color club nail polish has a wide selection of polish that has this pigment in it, here is a photo of a few of these polishes, so now that we know there is many kinds of polish that are called holographic lets take a look at them on a nail you can get many of these types of polishes from indie makers, such ad my shop cutting edge the devil wears polish - enchanted polish - kleancolor- color club - and if you look around you may find other store's that carry holo polishes i hope this was helpful in looking for the perfect polish for you
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