Sunday, June 29, 2014

adding some holo- TKB Franken Polish: Magic Holographic Nail Polish

                                         well i love holographic polish, its one  of my fav polishes to wear,
                                i have made a few of them, i order from tkb often, its one of the best places to order if your interested in making nail polish. so i was wounding if i would add there holo pigment to any polish.
my husband had gotten me an extra bottle of the amazonian (a dark hunter green) sinful colors gel tech polish, i was like oh man then i thought this might be a good time to try this,

 so i took 
this  very pretty green and added some the tkb holo pigment to the bottle 
added a little  silver ball ( shaking ball) and have the bottle a good shake,
oh so pretty. here is what it looked like after

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