Wednesday, June 4, 2014

all dried up, don't throw away that dried up nail polish, how to fix an old dried up nail polish

   Have you ever had a nail polish that was just yuck and said well i guess its time to throw that away?
  I know i have and then i found a diy post on a facebook page about not throwing away the polish, I really did not think it would work,  i never did this before. well i ordered a few polishes off ebay, it was a lot of polish for 12.00 and i had to have it cause there was a sally hassan magical nail polish in it,  so i got it and waited for the box to come, all the polishes were great, with the exception of 1 polish this was a orange polish  from remmel. it looked so pretty i just  did not want to trash it,thinking oh no i am going to have to throw this away.Then i remembered the  diy project, i figured i would give it a try. so here are a few pics of the bottle before

so the first thing i did was grab my polish thinner, 
you can get polish thinner at sally's beauty supply 
then i grabbed a bottle of clear nail polish, 
and one tooth pick and one stainless steel ball for mixing, 

i added about 1/2 of the bottle of clear nail polish,
then i added about 1/2 teaspoon of polish thinner, 
i dropped the stainless steel ball in the the goopy  polish, 
I then took the toothpick and tried to move some of the dry  polish to the bottom, 
i then placed the cap back on and left it sit for about 2 hours, 
i mixed the (by shaking) bottle and again let it sit for another 2 hours, 
went and began shaking the bottle , i did this a few more times, and after about 24 hours the polish looked amazing, like it was perfect.  
as you can see the rim of the bottle you can see dry polish all flaking off, 
however the polish is now a liquid and not dry at all 

here is a swatch on my thumb nail to show you. 
this polish is from rimmel its 835 va va voom 
its a shimmer orange polish 
i did find  it on ebay . 
i do know this is an older bottle of polish, 
hope you all enjoyed this diy  

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