Thursday, July 17, 2014

MDJ Creations nail polish

today on our blog we have a few indie polishes, from MDJ creations,
 they are so pretty,
so here they are

 bloom were your planted -

 this is such a pretty green/yellow holo polish, application was easy, dry time was great, and i just love this color.

Intelligent design- is another holo polish, -

this is a grey colored polish,  the holo in it is amazing,  application was easy i applied 2 coats in this photo, it dried really fast, just a very pretty polish, 

bored is not in my vocabulary-  this is a glitter topper. it has tiny square gold holo glitter, and pink tiny dot holo glitter,  there was no fishing for glitters with this polish, i applied one coat,  dried  fast,  its another great polish from this indie maker,  

and this being the last of the polishes is 

The king's riches  this is a amazing blue and gold glitter topper, 
little matte light blue glitters, bright blue micro glitter, dark matte blue hex glitter and gold  hex glitter,  along with larger holo gold dot glitters, this is my fav polish topper at the moment, this polish  sparkles in the sun light. its just wonderful 

  this is all the wonderful polishes at the moment,  this company shipped fast and it came in quick,  it was a wonderful transaction, 
 you can find hr store on etsy at -
or you can find her on Facebook at -  

hope you all enjoy ed this post, 
 you can find cutting edge polish on Facebook  at-

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