Monday, August 25, 2014

glitter and gel nails

so today i wanted to show you  some of my glitter and gel nail art,  its a simple idea. You can make all kinds of nail art with glitter, Glitter is such a fun thing to use on your nails, in the past i have show you other ways to use glitter in nails, such as sprinkling it on and applying top coat, or placing it one piece of glitter on the nail at a time to make a design.  Today i wanted to show you what kind of fun you can have with glitter and gel,
this give you the look of glitter in cased in glass,
this look can be be done at home with any gel manicure set, you ill need a led light,  you can get one from Walmart, cvs, or off line, the one i use is the fuse led light, a mini one .  
the gel i use is in a bottle, just like nail polish, you can buy other gels that are not in bottles but are in little round containers, they work as well, some even come with glitter in them

so to start you really want to fine the glitter mix, or single glitter you like, 
then get all your supply's  together , apply the gel base coat and sure , then apply one layer of gel polish cure , the next layer apply the polish when its wet apply  the glitter on top, then sure again, 
and the apply gel top coat and cure for the last time 
these are some of the ones i have done so far on my own nail 

hope you like this look and try it at home, 

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