Thursday, October 30, 2014

freak show nail art

this nail art was inspired by the show american horror story - freak show
american horror story started about 4 years ago, staring with american horror story murder house,
freak show is the 4th season in the series .
 the show airs wWednesday at 10:00.
on fx-
there are many wonderful actors/actresses in this show such as Jessica lange, kathy bates, even peters, Emma Roberts, Michael chiklis and Angela  bassets.  the show is creepy and  fin to watch,  

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hope you enjoyed the nail art and don't forget to watch american horror story 

avon- blue lagoon

this is avon's blue lagoon, its a light blue shimmer polish, this color is pretty sheer,
i applied a white base coat and 2 coats of polish to get the  bright blue,

hope you enjoy the  polish if you want to look at more join me at

wet and wild fantasy makers- Roach Busters

 Roach Busters 

 this is a green neon polish with yellow high lights, the bottle has a cemetery stone shaped  cap, 
the application was simple,  i added 2 coats of color,  no smearing like some of the other wet and wild polishes, i love this color and it was 1.99 at cvs, 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Revlon - cloudy- cream nail polish

Revlon nail polish to speed
Revlon top speed nail polish in the color cloudy,  this is a cream grey polish, the application was very smooth and it  dried  so fast. its a great color, i had so much fun with this one,
 so hear are more photos

you can pick up Revlon polishes  at Walmart,  cvs, rite aid,  some times dollar tree

Broadway nail polish - sour apple

Broadway nail polish in sour apply 

Broadway nail polish is found at dollar general for 1.00 
Broadway nail polish in sour apple is a  bright green, a truly amazing neon color,  

 over all  i think this is a great polish,  its smooth application  and dried fast and  i just cant  get over how bright it is

Thursday, October 9, 2014

the walking dead nail art, i used a nail plate to do some stamping on this nail art,
the plate i used was from mj xxv
i have to say i love this nail plate. it has a lot to choice from, i had so much fun using it , on my piney nail i used the limited edition walking dead nail polish by  A Girl Obsessed 

on my pointer finger i used hard candy nail polish in jubilee 

i then stamped all nail art on. after that i added the kleancolor nail polish garnet on the top of the fingers for a blood dripping effect. i hope you enjoy this nail art 

Dexter nail art

I love the show Dexter so this year i wanted to do a few Dexter mani
here they are

well i hope you all like them