Wednesday, January 7, 2015

spotted by nabi


  I was so excited to get these polishes. I waited for 2 week for them to come in.
but they did  not work the way i thought they would. I followed the instructions given. But still no luck in making them work properly. when i order them i was so excited. i thought they would work just like the polish from opi. (spotted by opi). This was not my experience with them. they came out flat, no bubbles at all. sheer and just dry looking. one of them at one point even crackled. but never bubbles. so iam sad to say these polishes are just not what i thought they were. here are the photos i took of them.

Many of these i dabbed on to make it look better,
A lot of work to make them look like they should. As you can see in the last 2 photos there is no bubbling. so its sad to say but these polishes are just a huge disappointment.
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