Monday, March 9, 2015

cutting edge polish- purple.

this light purple holo polish is one i have been working on for a little bit. its a light purple holo polish. the color is light but still very vibrant and girly. I have to say iam not usually a big purple girl, but iam loving this color, i just wanted to show you all what iam working on. hope you like the color.
the right one is with the camera flash and the left one is out side in the sun

Thursday, March 5, 2015

the history of nail polish part 3 - men who wear nail polish

                                                            men who wear nail polish. 

In today's  world everyone can wear nail polish.  Nail polish is used for all kinds of things. i can think back to my father asking me for a bottle of polish. to paint something on a car once. i never really thought about this. when i was a teen I had a male friend who loved nail polish. back then i found it strange but had no problems with this. now as the years have come and gone. i see more and more men wear nail polish. This got me thinking!!!!. hummm  did men wear  nail polish before? so i looked around the internet and other places (library, talked to a few men) .
so i found out men did wear nail polish before. In fact men wore nail polish before woman did. Babylonian warriors (around 3,200 b.c )  did not use the same type of polish we use to day but they did paint there nails. Men before going to war would paint there nails with kohl or henna. many of them also dyed there hair before going in to battle. nail polish  originated in china around 3,000 b.c.  both men and woman would wear  polish. In china nail polish was made of beeswax, egg whites, gelatin and crushed flower petals for color. They would soak there nails for hours or apply it directly to the nails and let it sit  over night. men in china also would use kohl for there nails. many of the upper class would paint there nails, however  the lower class was not allowed to do this from my understanding. many royal men and woman wore gold and silver on there nails. Over time the colors changed to red and black. At some point this faded out and many people did not wear polish any more. but in the early 1920's woman started wearing nail polish again. By 1990 many more  people wore nail polish. Many of the men in this time who wore polish would wear black. Men who liked heavy metal band and the goth/ vamp scene were all major contributors to men wearing nail polish. In 1995 the company hard candy jumped on the band wagon and came up with there own line of men's nail polish. if  you would like to see a video on hard candy nail polish for men here is a link
As time has gone on a lot of men still wear nail polish. we have   a few  different company's  that have come up with polish for men. Like  man glaze, (an indie polish for men)
Some of the names for these polishes are just strange. such as fuggen ugly,fatty's got more blood- red or  butt taco. These are all matte polishes and come in 15 different colors. I have to say i really do love this polish. I own 2 bottles and the  white is amazing. (not shown here)
orwe have the new evaluation man, as of right now they only have 3 polishes on there site. Pavement nail paint (white) , Pure matte nail varnish (matte top coat) and pure bling nail varnish ( fast drying top coat)

There are a lot of matte nail polish out there for men. Even orly has one 
 called nails for men,  and lets not forget essie - Man-E-Cure
many men now in 2014 wear nail polish. so we have come a long way. 
we have the average men who like's  to wear nail polish along with celebrities. nail polish for men is becoming a huge part of our  society, Its really amazing.  my husband told me the other day that baseball catchers wear nail polish on one hand. I really did not believe him about this. However he is absolutely correct.   They normally wear bright yellow nail polish on one hand. well i have to say it's interesting!. But why would they do that? 
well from what i learned they do it so the pitcher can communicate  with them about what pitch to throw. so they need to be able to see the fingers.  1 finger- fast ball , 2 fingers- curve ball, 3 fingers- slider and 4 fingers/ wiggle fingers - change up.   WOW !!!!  i never had thought about nail polish and baseball. t.  

so from way back in history to today men have worn nail polish.  i guess that's why they call it a manicure. LOL .   

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i hope you enjoyed this post. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

nail polish - the history of a polish-aholic - part 1 of the history of nail polish - why woman like nail polish

   Nail polish has always been a big part of my life, I wanted to talk about this. why do I and so many other woman love nail polish.  my polish addiction started young in life, from the time i was young, polish has been a part of my life,  It was my grandmother who  started this obsession with  me. When I was about 5 years old  i would go to my grandmothers house  and i always painted my nails there,  i was excited to be doing this.
 My grandmother had a spot for me to paint my nails, it was in the kitchen, in this kitchen  i sat for hours as a young girl.  when i think back i can still remember the  the floral table cloth, and the  feel of the cold heater i would sit on when i painted my nails, or  how when my father would come in the house the breeze would always follow him in,  but this kitchen, was the start of it all,  a little girl sitting in the corner painting her nails with peel off nail polish, watching her grandmother cook , watching her do the dishes, and always thankful to be there with her, as i grew my grandmother  had a dresser drawer full of cosmetics for me,  (things she didn't like, things she just got tired of) this drawer was a magical thing for me each time i would come to her home, she had brands like estee lauder and clinique, hidden in the special place for me,  i now wonder what made her love makeup and nail polish,  my grandmother died back when i was 16 years old,  she was one person in my life i will forever miss, and has forever given me a special gift, that gift was the love of nail polish,  and now with that gift, I have done so many things , i went to cosmetology school,  I have started my own polish company ( cutting edge polish) and this blog, this blog is for my grandmother and all the women who love polish, all the woman that polish has affected their life in some way,

there is only one story, this is my story and i would like to share  several other women's stories  of  polish in there life,

I did an interview with a woman named rosemary,  her story is so inspirational,
she says  polish is her therapy, a young lady rosemary watched her father and uncles work as barbers, as she grew she knew this was in her blood,  she loved the way people would come and go, and how happy  they looked as each one walked out after her father would do a hair cut,  she just knew deep down in her heart that this is what she wanted to do,  during this time period she meet and married her first husband , After high school in 1994  she started going to school at her uncles barber school,  she completed the course   her husband  hated the fact she wanted to work,  he became abusive towards her , she gave birth to to her first child a  beautiful baby girl. 2 years later she gave birth again to another beautiful baby girl, her husband still abusing her,  her only outlet was nail polish, the feeling it gave her when she applied it to her nails, it was the feeling of beauty, of encouragement, in 1996  she left her husband, after all the years of abuse, her children  then still small but older, watched their mother apply nail polish and they seemed curious, so she started giving them manicures and painting their nails with funny colors, adding dots and stripes, whatever  they could think of there mother would try to paint on there small nails , this was a connection to her children that would last a lifetime, as the children grew they would have sleepovers with friends, the girls would pull all the polish out and have mom help paint their nails,  even now, nail polish is a big part of their life,  in 2006 rosemary found out that  she is  legally blind, She has 20/200 vision, this was due to all the abuse her husband had put her threw , but this did not stop this strong woman,  in 2009 she started searching the internet for nail art, she found bloggs, and pictures, and  then found friends who had the same passion,  now rosemary paints her nails with all kinds of polish, she still paints her children 's  nails,  and love's  every bit of it. Rosemary  painting her nails  makes her feel the best she can be,  and no one can take that from her, it has made a bond between her and her children that no one will ever be able to break, it helps  her with courage and her self esteem .

rosemary owns  150 polishes, her fav brand is sally hansen, her fav color is purple and she just loves anything with glitter,
you can check her out on instagram at krazycakes123

emily's story,
       emily is a vibrant young woman, with all the creativity in the world,
        emily loves color, glitters and anything  bright.  she makes nail polish, these polishes are called indie polishes, she lovers there uniqueness. emily does not per say collect polish, but she makes polish,
she has  a wonderful creative spark when it comes to the polish she makes, emily makes  her polish from home so she can stay home with her 2 year old child, before emily  was making nail polish she knew she wanted to stay home with her child, and so from emilys creative mind came hand made nail polish, so she started searching for all the supplies, for all the glitters and pigments she needed, when she got all her supply's in she  mixed polishes up for her self, then after 6 months of testing she opened a small shop on etsy,   she was scared at first  when she opened  her shop but as time went on emily started to  realized how many people loved her polish, emily now  works from home and is able to spend the time she needs  with her child,  being a mother for emily is the most important job in the world, emily has learned that polish for her was not only a creative outlet but a way to communicate with the world, and meet new people, the community  with in the nail polish world is a amazing thing for emily and loves all the interaction  she has with so many people, if emily didn't make nail polish  this would not have been possible for her, polish has opened a world to emily that is just simply amazing.

emilys owns 30 bottles of polish,
her favorite polishes  are literary lacquers- im drinking stars. Or the devil wears polish- lady marmalade

if you would like to see the polish she makes here is her link

norma's story is of the kindness nail polish bring to the world,
 In 6th grade norma was introduced to nail polish, her mother purchased a bottle for her sister,
she just thought this was amazing, so when she went to the salon with her mother she would ask questions,
all kinds of questions, : what are the new spring colors?  should i use a base coat? what is that by the way? "
so many questions were asked, to these hairdressers and nail techs, as norma started high school she truly wanted to do cosmetology, but her father has other plans, norma was a daddy's girl all the the way, and  so when her father told her doing nails wont make her money in the real world, he pushed her towards other things, such as welding, construction, wood working,. she knew this made her father happy, but there was a longing in her heart, something she could not explain, at the age of 19 she married a man who was  not good for her, but she had a child with him, she stayed with him for many years until one night in october of 2004 he attacked her  violently, stabbing her , after spending many nights in the hospital from not only the stabbing, but from a blood clot in her brain due to the stabbing, she knew at this point she had to leave, and so she took all she had and left with her child,  fleeing for her and her child's life, norma painted her nails for peace, from time to time, she still thought about being a nail tech, but these were just dreams of a little girl lost in all the confusion the world had to offer. in 2010 norma's father passed away, her heart broken from his death, trying to find the courage to move forward, she started playing with nail polish. picking up a bottle here or there and painting her own nails. that was several years ago now, and norma has had many struggles in between  yesterday and today, this past year norma was told  she could die from the the epilepsy seizures
 at any time due to the fact that she has degenerative disc disease so if she hits the base of her skull during a seizure or any other time she could sever the nerves in her neck and die, this was a scary thought for noma  so this past fall norma made the big jump in the polish world, she now does her own nails and post photos on facebook and other such social media,
nail polish has impacted normal  life in such away that it is one of the most positive things in her life, nail polish and nail art is her release, the way she speaks to the world,  its her voice. norma feels pain all day long , but polish gives her some relief, from that pain, you may wonder what she means by this, its simple.  she loves it, she loves doing her nails, and others nails,  she does her friends nails weekly, the look when they see her work when she is done is amazing, there are no words to express the the happiness that is shared between her and her friends when doing nails, this small amount of joy brings norma the moments of life were she can just breath,
normas made a statement to me, about dreams,

It made me realize that no matter what age you are you can accomplish your dreams. The colors are amazing and each one has a different expression and one for every occasion.

It changes other peoples lives too, even if just for a moment. The smile on their faces when they see the final result of their nails is amazing. I wish I could photograph that moment instead of just the nails

norma  Favorite brand for acrylic nails is China Glaze. Favorite brands for natural nails are OPI and FingerPaints

Purple is my all time favorite color, and now I really like linear holographic. Looking for color clubs silver holo

i hoped you like this first part of my nail history. if you would like to check out cutting edge nails here is the link

3d bows - making your own acrylic bows for nail art

How to make 3d bows for your nails

this is my blue 3d acrylic bow, i made this bow with colored acrylic, and a mold. 
these are a lot of fun to make. i made a ton of them, from flowers to bow and everything in between 

well i hope you like the video and have learned something new . 

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