Friday, October 2, 2015

pumpkin bottles- from rite aid

so i was in rite aid the other day,  and was looking around, i came upon these oh so cute nail polish bottles. I had seen them before but never got any of them, so i picked up 4 of them. they were 3.99 each. I ended yup getting neon blue, neon yellow (glow in the dark) , chunky multi glitter and one with skull glitters in the bottle. 
i do want to say all 4 of these polishes are a very thin formula, so if you like a thick formula these might not be for you. 
so the blue polish is a neon blue this polish dries matte.
 I  used 3 coats for full coverage of it. 
this photo was taken with the flash on , 
above photo was taken with no flash
I choose to use the skull glitters over the blue polish, the skull glitters have white, pink and light pink skull shaped glitters in the bottles with small hex iridescent  glitters along with the skulls in the bottle, this bottle as with all the others are 14ml in size. 
The glitters did sink to the bottle of this polish so i was trying to pull them out of the bottle, each time I tried to get a glitter out i would have to shake the bottle, this dose not bother me, but i know it does bother others. I believe this is due to the the formula being so thin. 
Here a a few close up of the glitter

the skull glitters were a lot of fun to wear. 
so then i choose to wear the the neon yellow. now i have to admit even after 3 coats it was streckey and just not what i had expected,  i do think this might be good for maybe a base for another color, or design, but defiantly not alone. 
I do like how bright the color is even thought its not as solid  as i would like. it did glow in the dark well, 
so after all that i put on the multi glitter polish, avian this polish was thin. 
it applied 2 coats of the multi glitter polish
all together 
these polishes were a lot of fun to play with. they are good for Halloween. 
you can get these at rite aid
 or on ebay

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