Wednesday, November 18, 2015

snowman shaped nail polish from family dollar - 5.00 set

                                       Snowman shaped nail polish from dollar general 

So the other night i had to go out for some chips and dip. this is what brought me to dollar general,
realizing they brought out more Christmas stuff i had to take look. so my little adventure down the isle of Christmas stuff made me stop right in from of the makeup, all i could see were these 4 little snowmen looking at me saying " take us home. so in my cart they went.
  I could not resit buying them, I mean who could. there shiny little top hats, and orange noses. just so cute. At home i took them out of the package, looking at them thinking these look a lot like the princess nail polish bottles i have.
Hopeing they were not kid polish.(Since i was so excited and did not look originally)
thank goodness they are not kid polish, however they do smell different then normal nail polish.
They are on the thicker side.

the red is a shimmery polish, i had no issues with applying it, and it seemed to dry pretty fast. 
Then i used the glitter polish over the red, the polish was thick and hard to work with, 
next i used the white polish, this polish has shimmery iridescent look to it, to my surprise it covers fully in 2 coats and this was not hard to work with at all, dry time was the same as the red,
and the last one was the purple. i have to say this one was kinda thick, and took longer to dry then the others. however it is the best color in the set of polish. its another shimmer polish however it has such a deep purple to it, i just love it. 

You can pick these polishes up at dollar general Christmas section for only 5.00
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