Monday, December 28, 2015

nail stamping

Nail stamping is something that a lot of people have been getting in to for the last few years. 
There are several company's that make stamping polish.  Some people  also use just plain nail polish. 
Doing this allows people to make beautiful nail art  with out a lot of work.  There are all kinds of stamping plates and stampers. stamping has hit the nail industry hard, people just love it. 
some of the stamping kits i can recall off the top of my head are konad, moyou , salon express. The first time i had heard of stamping i was about 16. it was an as seen on tv kit. I had to have it.  but that was the last kit i saw till i was in my 30's and then it was the salon express kit, it comes with one stamper,4 plates and scarper, the plates for this kit are not that great. They  seem to not be etched properly and the stamper is hard to use.  also this kit  does not come with stamping polish. 
this was probably the cheapest kit i own, many stamping supply's you can buy separately. Such as the plates, or stampers them self. you can also get different plates, from designs with just a little picture  such as a hearts to ones with a full picture that covers the entire nail. you can get all kinds of stamping items for designing your nails. 
One of the big items that a lot of people buy is whats called stamping polish, there are several different types, 
konad, mdu, born pretty has come out with one, hit polish, moyou, and so many others. 
stamping is pretty simple.  the basic idea is that you place stamping polish on the stamping plate, scrap it off with the scraper and push the round/ square stamper on to the paint to pic up the image. 
stamping can be a little hard at first, but a lot of fun in the end. 
you can find stamping videos on you tube and there are groups on Facebook. many girls enjoy doing this type of nail art. its simple and makes your nails look beautiful, the creativity with this can be amazing.  there are many different stamping tools to use. there are hard stampers, squishy stampers and even clear stampers. its really all about what you like to use. i even found another blog on how to make your own stampers, its really cool you might want to try it.

stamping polish is the same way, there are many types. from highly pigmented ones that  go over black and other dark colors to almost transparent colors for white and light colors. and yes you can make your own stamping polish if you want too. to make your own stamping polish you need- 
1- 15ml bottle empty
about 14ml of polish base, what ever base you like best. 
5 to 6 grams of pigment, and  one shaker ball, 
mix these items in the 15 ml bottle and it should work well, it will be very thick. 
i made one and it worked well 
  hope this was helpful and you enjoyed this post.  have fun stamping

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