Monday, June 27, 2016

                             luxepop electrix 
                             nail lacquer distribute by Walgreen

As i was looking for the new sinful colors at my local Walgreen, my husband came over and told me there is an end cap with new nail polish, so i walked over and took a look.
I found a collection  of neon polish, with a white base coat. Normally i dont bother with white nail polish of any kind. But i thought maybe i should get this since i have a ton of neon colors that really do need a white base. maybe this will work better then just normal white nail polish. so i grabbed  it.  I also grabbed a neon lime green color called charged lime.
 later that night i sat down to paint my nails. I looked at the white base coat and still was not sure about this item. i applied one coat. it looked ok, not too bad. i waited about 30 to 40 seconds. and applied another coat. ( i hate waiting for nail polish to dry) surprisingly after about a min or 2 it felt dry.
ya i was defiantly not taking my time on this one. 
once this was dry. it looked ok for a base coat,. I then applied a coat of charged lime. 
it was so thin.  I really did not think it was going to look good when i go done. 
once  it was dry  I applied another coat,and still it was not bright. so i applied 2 more coats allowing each coat to dry before applying another,  after 4 coats it looks pretty good. 
over all i like the color. the polish did dry faster then most, This brand is distributed by Walgreen's , I could not find anything else out about this polish, 
The one strange thing i can say is that this polish has no ingredient list on it, i did find a display photo from some one on instagram 

hope you enojoyed this little review of this polish