Friday, September 2, 2016

Mary-Kate and Ashley chrome blue nail polish - vintage 90's polish

                                          Mary-Kate and Ashley Chrome blue nail polish

When I was first getting in to nail polish at a young age. Walmart used to carry this line of polish. I only have this one left. however it was one of my fav color. 
This item came out in the mid 90's. the formula has held up over the years.its a creamy formula. I have found that the chrome colors are a lot thicker then the other polishes in this brand. If you were like me as a tween you watched full house and loved the Olson twins. who played Michelle Tanner. As time moved a long the twins grew up and came out with all kinds of merchandise from movies to makeup. Walmart from my understanding was the first to carry there line of products. They has lip balms, eyeliner, blush and of course nail polish. If i remember correctly  the cost of the polish back them was around 3.00 a bottle. The bottle caps changed from the the silver chrome caps to a plastic long cap. As time went along Walmart stopped carrying the line of makeup and the Olson twins moved on to make other items. 
 This polish is over 10 years old and as you can see still works great. 
the dry time for this polish is under 5 min. The blue chrome polish is extremely shiny compared to other chrome polish over the years. This is still one of my fav chromes. This is a 14ml bottle. The smell of this polish is not as strong as some polish. it has a long brush for easy application. I applied 2 coats of polish with no top coat. I did try to apply top coat but like many other chrome polishes it dulled the chrome down and looked horrible, causing me to start over again. so no top coat needed for this polish. 
                                                   This photo was taken in the sun light

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